Skill Level Information

Swim Lesson Skill Levels & Goals

PARENT AND ME (ages 4 and under)

Guided play for children with parents. Class will focus on safety floating, comfort and fun in the water.

Typically, children under age 5 should plan to participate in the Parent and Me Class.

Lessons will focus on the following skills:
Comfortably submerge face
Support float on front
Support float on back
Bubble blowing
Enter and exit water independently
Supported kicking on front & back
Introduction of gliding on front & back
Learn basic water safety rules
Introduce diving for objects in shallow water

Lessons will focus on the following skills:
Continue skills from Purple Minnow
Explore deeper water with support
Prone and back float or glide
Stepping from side of pool into chest deep water
Recovery to horizontal back float
Introduction to sitting dives
Demonstrate flutter kick on front
Demonstrate flutter kick on back
Learn basic water safety skills

Lessons will focus on the following skills:
Continue Lessons from Red Snapper
Introduction of Elementary Backstroke and Freestyle switching
Demonstrate kicking on side
Demonstrate switching from side to side on back and front
Demonstrate turning over front to back
Demonstrate turning over back to front
Demonstrate assisting a non-swimmer
Demonstrate reaching and extensions

BLUE SHARK (Level 4)
Lessons will focus on the following skills:
Retrieve object from the bottom with eyes open, no support and in chest deep water
Demonstrate jumping into deep water from pool side and recovering to back position
Introduction to diving from the side of pool and streamline
Demonstrate prone glide w/ push-off
Demonstrate back glide w/ push-off
Swim freestyle switching for 25 yards
Swim backstroke for 25 yards
Discuss safe diving rules
Demonstrate treading water