Storm Team

2017 Summer Storm Swim Team

Click here for the 2017 Summer STORM registration form

This year we are offering three different levels of team swimming. Please scroll down for the STORM Team Level Descriptions

STORM Team Blue

WHO:  Current USA storm team members.  (If you participated on our team after January 1, 2017, your registration is current.)

Dates:  May 17th – July 22nd


Practice Times: 5:30 – 6:30 M, W, TH, F

Cost: $225/$200 for annual TCP members/$25.00 discount for multiple children

*As a special thank you for our team’s hard work on the Swimathon, I have asked William Copeland to lead our practice on 5/17, 5/18, 5/19.  On Saturday, May 20th, William will have a special clinic for the younger storm kids from 1-2:30pm. For the high school and middle school age kids the clinic will run 3-5pm. The focus will be RACING!! More details later.


STORM Team Red

WHO:  Entry level swim team participants. Swimmers should be able to swim a 25 yard freestyle and 25 yard backstroke.

Dates: May 31st – July 22nd


Practice Times: M, W, TH 6:15pm-7:00 pm

COST: $150/$125 for annual TCP members/$15.00 discount for additional children


STORM Team Green

WHO: Swimmers who are comfortable in the water and can do the following: jump in the deep end, tread water; go to a back float and swim backstroke to the steps in the shallow end. This class will be a bridge between swim lessons and team swimming.

Dates: May 31st – July 22nd


Practice Times: M, W,  5:00-5:30pm

COST: $125.00/ $100.00 for annual TCP members/ $10.00 discount for multiple children

Note: All three groups can participate in the Summer League meets that are held on Tuesday evenings.


2017 Meet Schedule

June 20th : Away vs. Dolphins

June 27th: Home vs. Kraken

July 11th: Home vs. Parks

July 18th: Away vs. Marlins


General Information About Rockbridge Storm

Rockbridge Storm is a club swimming team affiliated with USA Swimming. We offer instruction, training and competition for swimmers in the Rockbridge area.

Storm’s mission is to provide a quality swim program for swimmers of all ages and abilities by providing professional instruction in an innovative, goal-oriented environment. The coaching staff endeavors to teach, train and motivate swimmers to achieve their ultimate potential in swimming in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them as they grow and develop.

Storm strives to instill an appreciation for personal accountability, self-motivation, goal setting and goal achievement in its swimmers. It is our belief that the process of achieving is as significant as the achievement itself.

The team competes in local and regional competitions sanctioned by United States Swimming Inc., the national governing body for amateur swimming.

Here is the link to the STORM registration form which includes tuition information 

The preseason high school age and advanced age group will practice at 4 pm MondayFriday. They will be finished with practice by 5:15 and be expected to clear the locker rooms by 5:30.  This is a closed practice but parents are welcome to come on to the pool deck at 5:15  .  The high school does not recognize a Junior varsity swim team.  These swimmers swim u.s.s. but practice with the high school students.    They can participate in high school home meets by swimming exhibition.  Keep in mind, that once high school begins their regular season, some or all of the advanced age group swimmers might go back to the 530-630 time slot.  This depends on the size of the High School team.  For the purposes of registration, please note that any swimmer who is NOT in high school but is swimming at 4pm is considered an “Advanced Age Group” swimmer.  High school swimmers who elect to swim the 4pm STORM practice are considered “High School Preseason”

Age- group practices MondayThursday from 5:30-6:30.  These swimmers should enter the pool deck no earlier than 5:15 and sit on the bleachers.    Non-participating children must be under the care of an adult and must stay in the bleachers.

Our Novice swimmers will swim on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:30- 6:15. These children should have completed swim lessons and be able to float on their back and breath comfortably in the water.  Novice is the bridge between swim safety lessons and swim team.  This group will be lead by Brian Barney.

All swimmers must wear swim caps unless they have a buzz cut.  Hair and shampoo residue is very hard on pool chemistry.  Please help us keep our pool clean and wear your cap.  Also, creams, sunscreens, makeup are all bad for the water.  Please wash everything off before you swim.


Levels, Instruction & Training

Novice Swimming

The Novice level is designed to introduce young or inexperienced swimmers into the sport of swimming while allowing maximum opportunity to participate in other activities. Emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes by means of drills, slow swimming for neurological imprinting, racing and games for fun.

Prerequisites: Elementary backstroke; back floating in deep water; Comfortable with face in the water; able to follow directions and participate in a group setting.


Age Group Swimming

This level allows a slightly intensified and longer practice environment for an experienced swimmers or a rapidly advancing swimmer. There is a continued emphasis on fundamental techniques.

The Advanced Age Group practice sessions increase in length, which allows for physiological adaptations in muscular and aerobic fitness. More intricate strategies for the longer and more difficult events are introduced. This group is for the swimmer who has progressed rapidly as well as experienced swimmers with relatively advanced skills.


Pre-Season Swimming

Pre-Season swimming provides experienced high school swimmers the necessary training to reach their potential during the competitive season and the inexperienced teenage swimmer the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to participate on their high school team.


Summer League Swim Team

Join the STORM Summer League swim team for excellent stroke instruction and fun competition. Ages 8-18 (or younger with sufficient swimming skills)


IMPORTANT NOTE:  USA Swimming registration for all winter league swimmers is mandatory. The annual fee is $68.00 per swimmer and must be paid at registration. Registration ensures that your swimmers and the team are covered by USA Swimming’s insurance program.