STORM Registration is closed for 2016-2017 fall/winter season.



Dear Storm Team,

Swim season is here again and we have a great group of coaches.  Thank you Julie Woodzicka, Caroline Brassfield, Rich Hastings, and Brian Barney, for agreeing to coach our kids this year. Special thanks to our high school helpers, Erica Bisaillon and Allison Gigante for their help and encouragement for our youngest of team members.

Here is the link to the STORM registration form that Leslie Gigante so kindly reworked for us.  Please read carefully and fill out before Monday September 19, 2016.  If you have questions you may come before your child has practice that day and Leslie G. will help you.  No swimmer will be allowed to practice without the proper paperwork.

The preseason high school age and advanced age group will practice at 4 pm MondayFriday. They will be finished with practice by 5:15and be expected to clear the locker rooms by 5:30.  This is a closed practice but parents are welcome to come on to the pool deck at 5:15  .  The high school does not recognize a Junior varsity swim team.  These swimmers swim uss but practice with the high school students.    They can participate in high school home meets by swimming exhibition.  Keep in mind, that once high school begins their regular season, some or all of the advanced age group swimmers might go back to the 530-630 time slot.  This depends on the size of the High School team.  For the purposes of registration, please note that any swimmer who is NOT in high school but is swimming at 4pm is considered an “Advanced Age Group” swimmer.  High school swimmers who elect to swim the 4pm STORM practice are considered “High School Preseason”

Age- group practices MondayThursday from 5:30-6:30.  These swimmers should enter the pool deck no earlier than 5:15 and sit on the bleachers.    Non-participating children must be under the care of an adult and must stay in the bleachers.

Our Novice swimmers will swim on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:30- 6:15. These children should have completed swim lessons and be able to float on their back and breath comfortably in the water.  Novice is the bridge between swim safety lessons and swim team.  This group will be lead by Brian Barney.

All swimmers must wear swim caps unless they have a buzz cut.  Hair and shampoo residue is very hard on pool chemistry.  Please help us keep our pool clean and wear your cap.  Also, creams, sunscreens, makeup are all bad for the water.  Please wash everything off before you swim.